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Disposable E-Cigars

Disposable Electronic Cigars:

are a great edition to the family of E-Cigarettes and Vape Products. Our Cigars offer up to 1800 puffs, soft tipped and have a real paper feel. Many people who see them have no idea that they are Electric!

They come in many flavors and give you the natural feel and taste of a real cigar! They is much more smoke and nicotine for those who need more.


are what helped me initially stop smoking. They gave me that full draw with out the choking and smell!


May  cost more but these Cigars are not cheaply made and can last weeks upon use! So the need to buy another so soon in gone, keeping in mind it depends on the type of smoker you are.

We are now offering these though out the Chicagoland and Wisconsin regions! You can find our products in many gas station, smoke shops and tobacco stores!








cigar more flavors  24.95

Disposable Electronic Cigars are safe and easy to use. There is no charging required and they are very durable. Receiving up to 1800 puff ensures that you can enjoy your E-Cigar for a long time!

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