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eCigar Vanilla

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Disposable Electronic Cigars are a great addition to the family of E-Cigarettes and Vape Products. Our Cigars offer up to 1800 puffs, soft tipped and have a real paper feel. Many people who see them have no idea that they are Electric!

They come in many flavors and give you the natural feel and taste of a real cigar! They is much more smoke and nicotine for those who need more. E-Cigars are what helped me initially stop smoking. They gave me that full draw with out the choking and smell! Perfect gift for Dad or a loved one who needs to quit smoking!

Purchase your E-Cigars in Hoffman Estates from Ricky Rockets Mobil Gas Station (rickyrocketsfuelcenter.com).

2095 Barrington Road Hoffman Estates, IL.

Disposable Electronic Cigars can be enjoyed at your local bar, sports club or golf course. They can be the perfect birthday or Christmas gift that will bring weeks of enjoyment!

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Liquid E-Juice



E-Juice:  We carry a large variety of Liquid E-Juice, menthol, light tobacco, full tobacco, desert tobacco, coffee, energy bull and more!

Full Tobacco: A gentle throat hit is part of the feeling all smokers enjoy. If you are giving up cigarette smoking, or you just love the hit of strong tobacco, this full-flavored variety…

Classic menthol: Get the unmistakable sensory experience that so many vapers and smokers alike swear by. Also try our Harbor Mint or Minty Menthol varieties

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Our Warranty We stand proudly behind the quality of the A&N eCigs brand and A&N eCigs products and guarantee to the original purchaser that our product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the original purchase date.

 Electric Cigarettes provide for a smoother, more elegant and less costly smoking experience… Smokeless electronic cigarettes allow you to enjoy smoking without the smells and inconvenience of traditional cigarettes. With ever-increasing restrictions by employers, governments, businesses and health care providers, e-cigarettes provide a suitable alternative for those who want to enjoy smoking without its cumbersome restrictions.

Does your business need a strong boost in revenue and need to offer its customers more products? Then don’t get left out and loose potential income by not having our products in your store! Perfect for you night club, hookah bar or business!

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You can order you alternative E-Cigars, E-Juice, Clearomizers, eGo-T Tanks systems and  E-Cigs from Chicago Smoke And Vape here in Hoffman Estates, IL.  Please call to see what we have on hand!

The eGo-T kit with clearomizers is suitable for new and experience e-cigarette users.  If you are looking for a much fuller draw for a strong throat.


Our products are perfect for your existing or new business. If  want to increase your revenue, or offer you customers  better smoking alternative. We Have many retail locations stop in to one today and tell them how you were referred. Many gas stations, tobacco shops ans smoke shops now carry our products because of the high quality. The problem with other brands is just that, the quality. So before you say that E-cigs won’t work for you try our brand!

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